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Sculpture in the City

Menzieshill Photography Group working in collaboration with David Oudney and the University of Dundee Museum Services.

18 September to 2 November 2018

Celebrating Public Art in Dundee

This exhibition features photographs of public sculpture in Dundee, taken by members of the Menzieshill Photography Group and other volunteers. The photography is part of a major public art recording project led by the University of Dundee Museum Services in association with Art UK and Scotland’s Urban Past. Dundee has an excellent collection of over 400 pieces of public art, including murals, mosaics, stained glass and street furniture. Nearly half of these works are sculptures, which are currently being catalogued as part of a UK-wide project, Art UK Sculpture. For more information about Menzieshill Photography Group’s plans to document every piece of public art in the city see here. If you’d like to get involved in the project please contact Matthew Jarron, Curator of University of Dundee Museum Services, on museum[at] For further information see,