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A Lyrical Bibliography

Claire Yspol

13 September 2021 - 31 October 2021

(coinciding with Black History Month 2021)

A Lyrical Bibliography foregrounds the intellectual and artistic vision of black creators.

Making this text-based art project was an opportunity for me to engage more deeply with the work of some of the black writers, designers, thinkers, and artists I admire.

A Lyrical Bibliography consists of thirty-plus intriguing titles referring to equally intriguing exhibitions, essays, poems, podcasts, and more (many of which are available online). As an aggregate, these titles become a poetic text of sorts. This ‘text’ can also be used as a resource to find works by black creators to reflect on, as well as, be inspired by.


Artworks Left Ajar

A poetry and writing workshop Sunday 10 October, 2021, 4-5 pm

Hosted live with Sharing Not Hoarding on Zoom, GMT (UK) time. Free.

Join us for an hour of looking, listening, writing and reflecting creatively in the Artworks Left Ajar workshop, led by Claire Yspol.

In this free, live Zoom workshop you’ll have the opportunity to create a small collection of experimental, poetic texts by engaging with several works by Black artists and writers.

We’ll do short writing exercises as a way to explore these works.

This event forms part of A Lyrical Bibliography, an art project on show at Sharing Not Hoarding in Slessor Gardens, Dundee from 13 September to 31 October 2021.

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